Ice cream for no scream

Dearest Readers,

I doubt you are there because I’m a bad frog and haven’t done my due diligence to earn you. But like exercise without results, we still keep working out.

The top two mean things I did to my kid in the past seven days?  Had a tooth pulled from my child’s innocent face and made him go get a Hep B shot. Oh, he stalled with multiple questions and said he’d be OK if we left without the shot. But again, his anticipation of the thing was worse than the thing. I’m seeing a familiar pattern. As promised, we first went to the Chicken-Fillet next door and fed our faces with waffle fries. He received a scratch on his face from a wild three year old in the play area. And then we were off to the Farm Store for his much promised ice cream.

Me and My Christmas Tree

And then it was off to finish the tree at the UUFE. It’s a pretty dandy effort if you ask me. It’s kind of a red hat society color scheme with silver and aqua added in to throw you off. I don’t subscribe to the mandatory post-Thanksgiving commando Christmas ethics at home.   I won’t have finished my tree until 10 days out. It will have a better chance of not being too crispy that way. But the public venues require my services beforehand. So I oblige.

On Saturday, we’re off on a bus trip to NYC. I’m pressing my nose against the shop windows. Mark has to see ground zero. Eamon doesn’t know what he’ll see. Maybe the city itself will impress him. I’ve never seen the tree in Rock center because I’ve never been to NYC. Wish us luck.

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