While everyone is participating in National Write A Bunch of Words Everyday Month and National Post To Your Blog Everyday Month, I’m going to lay a little lower.

My three posts per week may be enough blog achievement for November.


Because I just finished a month straight of posts (Pretty Pictures Month ended, wheww)

as well as participated in a Mommy blog popularity contest and boy, my brain’s tired.


But I’m not dead yet.


At the final hour, I have chosen to sign up again for the Blogging Your Way ecourse with Decor8’s Holly Becker. This was the course that brought me to my mental knees when I had to do technical things and make a moodboard. And I became a better blogger for it.

And this course is where I met some amazing women who blog sometimes or all the time and are my friends from around the world. I am better for having met them.I plan to show you why quite soon why. And I’ll also show you what other visual projects I’ve been up to. Because I’m all about showing now as well as telling.

(Fall floral arrangements were made for Joanne a couple years ago at the Lily Pad Cafe here in Denton. All materials are non-living. Silks and drieds.)

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And as always, thank you for your visit.


    1. Yes, Amy, I am beginning to see the benefits of editorial calenders and guest posters. Let the machines and other people work for you and enjoy the ride.

  1. I’m also not participating in “national write every day month” whether it’s my blog or a novel. And not casting any aspersions on either venture – it’ll just take me away from photography and other creative pursuits. And things like laundry and hanging out with the girl.

    Can’t do it all….

    1. Sandra, I so needed to do the month long gauntlet with my visual. And I’m proud of pulling off 31 days of posts no matter the subject. Of course the other half of my brain, the talker, was like “What do you mean you’re not going to join all the other talkers in November?” Children aren’t getting shortchanged no matter.
      Thanks so very much for being there,

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