These past few weeks have brought us some items that promise to change our lives in great ways. Thought I’d share them.

Eamon playing the clarinet on

Yesterday was our anniversary and I got an armful of flowers to play with.

Fiona's pink Converse and paper flower card

We have a new clarinet in the house as Eamon is learning how to play for band. Exciting as he can read music so well already and he’s already sounding way better.

Fiona got her some pink converse shoes because they didn’t have pink in my size when I bought mine. So she had to have them. Duh.

Get to work book on

I received a Canon photo printer for my birthday. I used to print them on our printer but that died and the new one doesn’t even let you chose the size of your photos. Ooops. So have yet to let that one out of the box but am excited.

And lastly, I got myself the Get To Work book designed by Elise Blaja as a birthday present. I wanted a calendar that was also capable of keeping my goals and to do lists all in one place. And this little beauty’s got it all. Can’t wait to dive into it’s organized fabulous-ness come January.

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    • So do I still. How cute she was today in her pink Converse, Tinkerbell dress, and hoodie playing on the tire swing at the park.

  1. Flowers, a clarinet, pink Converse AND that workbook! No pear trees with partridges? And I am off to check out that workbook.

    • Shannon, I struggle with how to coordinate all the stuff I endeavor to do in one place and this book seemed the perfect solution.

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