In 2003 I think it was, I opened up my shop called Bally Eden. And truly, I loved my shop like a first-born. It gave me an opportunity to play with, collect, create, and buy stuff. As I prefer old stuff with character, I held onto this collection of Easter cards and display them every year in a Victorian card holder like a bouquet of flowers. I was inspired by Jennifer at the Fiery Red Head blog when she posted her vintage Valentine’s Day cards and promised her I’d post these.

This year, the Easter bunny brought us our basket/bundle of sweet little girl candy early. But he’ll make a reappearance for Eamon hiding eggs in the backyard by way of Sue S.. And a basket, oops, should show up Sunday? Maybe I’ll have to break it to him that the bunny was suffering from bunions  (ha) and took the year off. You think he knows already don’t you? Happy Easter (Passover?)Everyone, whatever tails you believe and food you eat, let there be joy in your hearts for the spring and creation and family.



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    1. Eamon got enough stuff today for everyone we know combined. Second Christmas I tell you. I’ll be sure to “milk” mother’s day for the special treatment.

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