Finally this year I figured out the nice term to use for my busy making brain. It’s Uber Creative. Uber means an “outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing”. Add creative and I often feel like I’m doing circles around myself and getting nowhere.

BArbies in the pool on

For instance, I have a list of what I should be doing today with my precious time. I’ve gotten some done but it seems the list and hopeful intentions are stretching out in front of me like some depth of field camera trick from The Shining. I’m drowning in my own creativity.

If only I could just stop creating and catch up. But alas, that isn’t how this gift works. Let me show you a sliver of my brain’s over-acheiving.

  1. I thought two days ago that it may be better if we switched the dining room and living rooms.

  2. I need to make a project out of my Kudos into a brag wall. Hand lettering the best parts of the quotes perhaps and collaging them on a board or wall?

  3. I need to find out the best way to produce cards out of my artwork to sell on Etsy.

  4. I am desperately in need of creating cards or anything for the Etsy store I have yet to finish setting up. Also need profile blurb.

  5. And I still need to go through pictures to see what I can use and what that Instagram challenge will want starting tomorrow.

  6. I want to make flags for the front porch out of my pile of vintage fabric.

  7. And how many blog posts will it take to get me through to the end of August?

  8. A rewrite of the about me for the blog is in the works but I need to work on it a lot more and add pictures definitely.

  9. Need to finish gathering and designing for a special event two weeks from now.

  10. Got to go dye my hair roots and maybe I can take a look at that online branding course I’ve yet to tackle while that’s setting.

band of horses on

I am exhausted even typing all of that. And that probably isn’t the half of it.

lego creations by uber creative Eamon on

I spin like a top from one task to the other not wanting to forget anything as all the thoughts have merit. I also laugh as I seem to crave success, thus all the activities, while simultaneously run away from it, as in staying unorganized. My trick is to notice the amount of stuff I do accomplish and stop judging for what I don’t. I have more goals and that can’t be a bad thing. I have to be craftier about prioritizing them and to do lists/scheduling them. If you have a system that you like for keeping yourself organized, please let me know in the comments. I’m going to check out OneNote. I’ve had Evernote on my phone forever and never taken the time to figure it out. Great, that’s #11 on the creating chaos brain list.

PS And all creative pictures are credited to my kids. The horses and barbies are Fiona’s and the amazing swirly drawing and made up lego cruiser are Eamon’s.

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  1. Oh Shalagh, you are speaking my language! I struggle with all of the issues you describe, ALL THE TIME. You’re right, it’s exhausting. I had one of those moments of clarity, when I realized my grandfather was exactly the same.

    He was smarter and more skilled than I am – his to do list usually consisted of something like “wake up and build a barn today.” He could do those sorts of things, build barns and houses without so much as a blueprint. He could also do all the wiring and plumbing, handcraft the cabinetry and all the moulding…but then he could never quite get around to finishing it, like painting it. He wouldn’t let anyone else touch it either, because you know, he was going to get around to it himself. I suspect now that he had ADD, like many members of my family, though it was never diagnosed in his day. I suspect I might have a touch of it, too. I’ve always been very good at compensating for this, but it gets a little harder as you get older and a little more exhausted.

    As you know, I’ve been paring my life down, step by step, and I’m trying a new approach – I’m limiting my options these days instead of allowing myself to wander. It’s a journey, one I just might start blogging about in the fall. But you know, we’ll see where it ends up on the to-do list. 🙂

    1. Well of course you are an uber-creative too Suzonne. My Grandfather built his home from the ground up too and was a carpenter.Of course I’d be all ears to hear about your pairing down journey. So glad to know you are out there saying “Heck Yeah”.
      Love ya’,

  2. I am one of those old-fashioned list makers. It’s hold-over from my working days when I had day/week/month lists in my (gasp…really old school & loved it!) Day Timer. When I REALLY need to be organized (like two years ago for the son’s rehearsal dinner for 50 in our backyard. Not catered, thank you!)I do lists. Usually on sticky notes (another old school fav). I think it’s the In My Face thing and the act of writing things down in order of priority. Not that I always follow the order of the lists. Some days it’s just more fun and better for the soul to work outside than it is to re-organize that effing closet. Plus…there are some things whose time has not yet really come.

  3. Fun pictures, Shalagh. I like lists made from pen and paper. I keep it simple. Sometimes I put lists on my phone in the “Notes.” That’s handy if my items take longer than one day. I would say just bite off what you can chew otherwise you’ll drown it it, like you said. Be calm. Put it on your list and knock them down one at a time! Best of luck!

    1. Ha, of course that is exactly how I do it too Amy. But do you find yourself with lists everywhere for everything ? Or is that me. I think I will always be in search of the next best organizational tool. I’d fully embrace and French kiss the app that made final sense of it all for me. Drown in it yes, that’s what I seem to be destined to do. Or maybe not so much when I have a kindergardener.
      Love Ya’,

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