Ironically, mindfulness isn’t something I gave much thought to until it seemed to start popping up everywhere I was. I wasn’t mindful of mindfulness. Being aware of what you are feeling and thinking isn’t very American after all. Mindlessness is encouraged. Copious television watching and numbing techniques don’t encourage mindfulness.

Mindfulness and my kid on

I want more for myself and for my kids however. Knowing that the only way to teach is by doing, I am outspoken about what I am doing and how my insights are growing me. I also talk to my son often about owning his choices, belonging, self-esteem, and other subjects that come up. So when he gave me a reflection yesterday of a more thoughtful sort, I was sorta blown away.

He is having a tough time, as expected, adjusting to middle school. A transition from childhood to adulthood, there are a lot of expectations to mind and I’m not sure you can be ready for that. I’d advised a while ago that maybe he needed to create somethings to look forward to. And he said yesterday that he may have needed to get into a better place knowing how things go and that he could handle them before he could put things in place that he could look forward to.

We all need to listen harder to the little ego voice that says I would be happy if I had such and such in my life, be it more music or free time or walks in the woods. And then our adult selves can go about making sure that the happiness quotient is filled weekly. Because I don’t think we’re the sum of what we do. I think we’re the sum of the happy and proud and included moments of our lives. And those are up to us to create with great intention.

Mindfulness and my kid on

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    • I’d like to think so. But it’s really about him having the skills to navigate his life wisely and more confidently. It’s all I can give him besides unconditional love. Thank you Mala for all your credit.

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