I read blog post after blog post today. I was in search of ones that could illustrate my points for an upcoming big piece. And were these to be the story of someone I did not know, I may have cried for how beautiful the soul of the writer was. The rawness and gentle words of someone with knowledge that was won from grief and heartbreak. But they were my words so they didn’t have such an impact on me.

My Forgotten Soul in My Writings on Shalavee

Why is it so hard to truly see ourselves as others do? Perhaps an initial giddiness when we are falling in love and then back to the set point we are used to. The pain and the recovery and the soul warming story of overcoming our awful obstacles are lost on us. Been there, done that. Moved on. But I refuse to toss myself aside so easily. Today I want to say I have said so much already in so many beautiful words that I know I am not finished talking.

And it is my sincerest hope that I will again fall in love with my story as a child does with theirs and I will know how to tell it to you so that you get the most out of it I can give. Meanwhile, I will keep writing like there’s no end in sight. Because there isn’t.

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  1. Yes, please keep writing! I know you will and I’m so grateful you will. I can relate to you in many ways and your lovely beautiful words say it all. The words I can’t find. Thank you!!

    1. Well that is the very exact reason why I must Allison. Because when I say what I need to, I do it for me as well as others ! Thank you for that gift of acknowledgement and kindness and truth!

  2. You have a beautiful way with words! I love how you can express so much in a few short sentences. I love how you can leave me sitting there, nodding and exclaiming..”That’s just how I feel” or how you make me smile as I admire your honesty. You have a gift! Thank you for sharing your gift. ❤

    1. Well I am just so pleased that you are receiving what I am trying to give. It give me such pleasure and clarify . Thank you Martina!

  3. Lovely. Just lovely. Your pics are always a delight that captures your words. Thank you for putting out there what I often need to remember.

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