I can be a little slow on the uptake, especially in beauty and fashion stuff. My friend once told me to at least trim my eyebrows. I knew all about kohl eyeliner, henna, and stirrup pants in my twenties. But my fashion know-how expired even before my son was born.

Motherhood was not just a fashion setback, it was my burial. Who knew I’m supposed to care if all my t-shirts have oil spots and pants should be long enough to cover your ankles? It felt like I was expected to just know stuff and then the fashion fairies could forgive me. Like I needed to create a whole new life to decorate myself for.

Before attempting any of it, I had to decide I was worth feeling good about. And that I could like me without being a conceited narcissistic egotist. Then I slowly made small changes.

I tossed all but one holey spotted “painting” shirt. And admitted beige washed me out no matter how soft the sweater was. The TV show What Not to Wear taught me to dress my body for my shape. Now I notice when a certain color or style makes me feel really good or really bad.

I have made progress and have collected some beauty tidbits my darned self. I thought I’d share because I know how everybody lovey love loves a list. Here’s eight of my beauty and fashion aha ideas.

  • There’s two lengths of jeans, one for flats and one for heels. Take your pants/jeans to the tailor at the dry cleaners and make that choice for each pair.
  • Scarves are my new go-to accessory and clothing doesn’t have to be expensive but it must fit. Low cost can’t be the deciding factor. If you don’t feel good in it,  you wasted your money.
  • Primer is the stuff that makes a smooth canvas on your face before you apply your foundation.  My friend informed me, it’s the same stuff sold to keep your thighs from chafing (if you had that problem). She also said make sure you apply these with a damp make-up sponge.
  • Use concealer on blemishes, not on dark circles. On you face, white out draws attention.  Shimmery deflects.  I use foundation to even out my skin tone and dab zits only with concealer.
  • While I dye my own hair every other month, I  like to get professional  hi-lights once a year before Summer. I get the pedicure redone around then too and I am ready for the Summer scrutiny.
  • Re-dye the fine hair at your temples before you’re done you dye job. The dye there tends to evaporate and you end up wondering why you even bother.
  •  If you cut your hair at least every six weeks, it’s happy and so are you.
  • Even people in the beauty business get someone else in the business to cut their hair and wax their eyebrows. Don’t do it yourself.
  • Electrolysis is well worth any and all money spent to never have to fiddle with tweezers again.

The most you can do on the outside to elevate your esteem is groom your eyebrows, hair, and nails (even just every once in a while), and try out some make-up. It is up to the person to decide, or want, to like who they see in the mirror. And ask for help to get there. I have had a veritable army of women (and a male chiropractor) aid me in bettering myself. Ironically, it’s through women’s eyes we’re judging ourselves.

The doctor’s office has a poster that lists all the actions to take to keep the body healthy. I noted I do all of these. I stay active and eat well, etc. So I deserve to reap the rewards of pride and compliments that I denied myself for so long. I am making more of an effort recently as my thirties have slid into my forties. “Looking good for her age” is coming my way sooner than later. Might as well make it memorable. And know I did my best with what I had, body and soul.

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  1. “There’s two lengths of jeans, one for flats and one for heels. Take your pants/jeans to the tailor at the dry cleaners and make that choice for each pair.”

    I don’t understand – what are the lengths for them?

    1. The place where they fall and look good at while you’re standing in your flats or your heels. But you need flats or heels or a decent pair of jeans to accomplish any of this.

  2. no wonder my concealer didn’t seem to be making a damn difference to my dark circles!!!!!! God!!!!! I have noticed that eye gel at bedtime makes a dramatic difference. But I found that out by accident. I only started using it because I saw in an article that you should start using it when you hit 30 lol.

    1. I bought the agey nighttime stuff and them had a horrible sneezy attack because the perfumes in it were so strong. Got my money back. 30 is too young to think you’re old and yet we all thought that. Fools.

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