This week has been a rough one. Enough to say that we all have these weeks and then they become nightmares we laugh about. We are never up too long or down too long before we go the other way. I promise to catch you up when I have perspective,

I told Mark, “I felt like I was cruising along, writing and publishing and the esteem was cooking. And then Bam, my self doubt and anxiety were asking for a guest appearance.” He said, “You can’t live in San Diego all the time. ”When did I move to the Bayou in the middle of the miserable summer?

The reprieve to my misery is the constant awareness I’m attempting to have and maintain of my friends and loved ones. Focusing on how lucky I am to be cared for by an amazing group of people. That I earned it by caring for them, saying I love you, and not expecting anything back. But getting words and gestures of love anyway.

I am hoping to be out of my hole soon. And will be explaining myself. Suffice it to say that I love to talk and my words are never far, They are just waylaid by doubt and confusion and worry. Humanity has it’s price.

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