Isn’t it funny how the most obvious thing about us isn’t obvious to us at all?  Although I thought hard about going back for a masters in English, I completely ignored my compulsion to redecorate every place I went. Only recently did I realize I would rather have gotten a degree in something design/arty.

During a play-date, my friend queried why my blog had nothing really visual going on. Seems completely ridiculous if you know me the way she knows me. She saw my beautiful shop, now five years closed, in which every room twinkled and cascaded with gorgeous displays of gifts and antiques. Closed before it got a chance, it is a twitch in my life history.

Yet I am constantly compelled to decorate windows, events, and my living space because I love to see how it will turn out. And there’s a secret mission to prove to the pragmatic that design does make a difference in daily existence.

I believe it possible to be of several creative minds at once like being verbally and visually talented at the same time. And yet I don’t think we believe this is true. I have been concentrating very hard on realizing my dream to write while excluding the incorporation of my arty talents. I don’t know how to coexist them.

On her recent visit, my sister asked why I hadn’t offered any of my art for the local arts cooperative space. I said,”All those people have a thing.” I jump mediums. I make floral arrangements or paper sculptures or metal pieces for specific events and then I’m done. When artists do a “thing”, they take one medium and continue to explore that medium without deadlines. I just don’t consider myself an artist in that way. Although I also disagree that to be considered an artist, you have to have a Fine Arts degree.

With all the time I’ve been taking to work on my writing, I miss the visual exploration a lot. I miss playing with my displays at my shop. And I agree that evidence of my talent is sorely missing online. I promise that soon I will figure out a way to begin to show off the other part of me that my friends are telling me they miss. I would however like to have this blog the way I want before I rush off to start a new one. I heard ya’ thinking. The design Shalagh awaits the coming out party.

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