A year ago, through my first Blogging Your Way e-course, I connected with a woman online from the upper West coast named Sandra.

She is a thoughtful hardworking creative. She does a million other things besides write a blog at

Raincoast Creative Salon. One of them is to inspire me.

She and her friend Christie Jones, a blogger at Bedsidedesign, created a challenge on Instagram for the month of October

In addition to my 31 Days of Pretty Picture posts, I was shooting daily pictures prompted by chosen words or phrases.

And, like being immersed in a country and it’s language and culture, I got to know the world of Instagram

enough to be comfortable and earn some friends.

Then last week, I was tagged to do a the 5 shot challenge where you shoot pictures with one theme for five days in a row and tag a new person with a new theme each day. As nervous as I was, I ended up feeling like a champion Instagrammer by the end.

I am indebted to these women who organize us to challenge ourselves and create community. This is Indie Rock and Roll to me.

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    1. The challenge is a game of tag. Someone you are friends with tags you, although you can jump in and say tag me. So you will have it happen if you are tied into a larger group of people. It was fun. I’m watching people do 30 days of gratitude too. If it comes around again, I’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks for being thee with me.

  1. Hi Shalagh! Just popping by with a wave and Hello! from Blogging your way class. I found you from your comment on one of the million pages of comments over there. It’s a lot to keep tabs on, right? But anyway i’m trying to make some new friends, too, so I’ll see over on Instagram!

    I also happen to have a dear friend here in South Florida who grew up in your area of MD — her father has a farm there and it sounds so peaceful and lovely there.

    Heather S.

    1. Oh Heather, I’m so pleased to have you pop by to say hello. I’ve been doing the same to other fellow students and it’s just weird. But truly appreciated. Because it’s also brave. I will come looking for you too. As for the area I live in, it’s farmlands. The texture is natural and that makes it peaceful. It’s slow and the rhythms of the crops are ever present.
      Thank you and I’ll be in touch.

  2. Thanks so much – you are so sweet! I was honestly supah pleased with the response to the #foliophoto instagram project. I never expected such a following.

    Instagram is my fave social medai now – it has surpassed twitter. Love the visual storytelling.

    And I’m glad we connected…

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