Where do I begin?
For the last 48 hours, I have ridden a roller coaster of adrenaline and anxiety like I haven’t experienced in a while. Maybe not since my last big crisis. Like the driver’s license debacle. Or the stove thing (not created but definitely fretted over). Or the time I gave the church a $300 check and thought it was a $30 check which sent my bank account spinning.


But the place that gets me the worst for possible upheaval is this computer. Several posts have been written about this weakness.
On Tuesday I attempted what should have been a simple upgrade. And it turned into a heart stopping nauseating 2 day ordeal in which I lost my blog as it is now, and all of my pictures. The content was backed up but everything else was gone.


First, I acknowledged that my baby was OK. Besides then recognizing the many cliches I can pull into the story like ‘resistance is futile’ or ‘we often meet our fortune on the way to avoiding it’, and  ‘it is what it is until it isn’t anymore’, I remembered life lesson #34 ; knowing what you don’t want to do is as important as knowing what you want to do.


I did not want to stop blogging. It has become such a part of who I am, like my beloved Bally Eden, that I may be more ready than I thought I was, to step it up to the next level.


Thankfully, I had a friend who was kind enough to offer her calming voice and assurance that, one way or another, we’d do something to carry on. I was to enjoy my baby for a few minutes and then call the web host and ask to have my blog set back to a prior date/time. I was still extraordinarily nervous as I awaited this conceptually positive outcome.


More wisdom from this “occurrence”? ‘It’s over when it’s over’ and ‘soon this will all be a nightmare’. My faithful readers, I love you dearly for sticking with me. I will rise like a phoenix from these ashes. And will be back to regularly spewing my own Shalagh flavored drivel with pretty pictures on my regular rotation which has been, and will remain, thrice a week.

Happily Again,



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  1. I saw something was up this morning. What a nightmare. Obviously, you’ll be okay but whoa… I’m with you. When I uploaded all of my photos from our trip, I asked my husband about ten times if we were properly backed up. He may have had to check me in if they were lost. xo

    1. Thanks Jennifer,
      I am now in search of a plug-in that backs up pictures. I couldn’t believe my deliberate back up didn’t do the pictures. I’d have hunting and pecking them into my sight for months. I’m giddy thinking about what I didn’t suffer. Thank you so much for checking in.

  2. What a nightmare, Shalagh! Is everything okay now? It’s one of those things I take for granted. Glad you’re back. Hope all is well. Love, Amy

    1. Amy,
      You’re so close to my side while being so far away. I thank you for your constant support. For me and everyone else who has the pleasure of being your friend. I was absolutely giddy when the clock was rolled back on the blog and all the badness went away. Like a chance to see your life and do it over again. It was a gift.

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