As I began this pregnancy, I recognized a future coming in which my new baby and my blog would be sharing my attention. And I contemplated what that would mean this time around.

Nearly 8 years ago, I was a  first time Mom and I was freaked out, sure my personal identity would be swallowed by my new role as mother.Instead, I became a hybrid, a better me for the thresholds I had to step up to. I created this blog on a dare to myself. Conceiving this second child was also a daring trapeze act for which I am mighty grateful. And now the balancing act of the two starts.

I have a friend who wisely once said, life is organic. Life flows without a care of being controlled. Priorities get shuffled together with actualities and thereโ€™s no real rhyme or plan. Just what you have in your head or your stead at the end of the day.

In the same week as I had my baby, I got my business cards delivered. I was happy for the simultaneous receipt. I’m proud of how beautiful both of my creative endeavors are.

My blog reflects my talents and my future. And this baby reflects my love and hope of family.  Both are important to me. And so I will shuffle them together and watch them grow side by side at their own rate like step-sisters.

I canโ€™t hurry their growth. Only nurture them and watch them grow up. One will leave me and one will remain. But both will make me a better person as their coexistence gifts me pride.

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  1. Thanks Ish, I needed to set the rudder lest I run the boat ashore when a wave of hormones wants to swamp me. I feel the wisdom of my age and be damned if I’ll leave it in my head.

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