Last Friday on our regular “pizza and movie night“, I called Domino’s and they delivered the pizza. No biggee right? But I can’t remember the last time I did that. Or even thought to do it. We usually either make the pizza or, when we can splurge, we go pick it up from Sal’s pizzeria. In my head, it had to be done a certain “way“. Until last Friday when I said, fiddle faddle on that. I have a phone, I’m going to make this not hard otherwise known as EASY. It seems I don’t know what easy means.

But recently, I’ve noticed I’m letting go of stuff. For the past couple years, much to my husband’s surprise, I have said yes to the first Christmas tree I see. Unheard of. I’m supposed to walk around undecided in the cold for an hour hemming and hawing over which tree is the perfect one. Wasn’t that how we did it when we were kids? It’s a pre-cut 7 ft Scotch pine. Done. Those persnickety Christmas tree days are long gone. Because as soon as I get to putting all the lights and the decorations on that poor tree, it will look completely different and fabulous no matter. Remember the tree in the Charlie Brown Christmas special? Nuff said.

Christmas tree in Livingroom

Seems to me it’s a matter of trusting in the overall outcome and letting go of the details. Otherwise known as stopping the control freak behavior. Do your best, let go of the rest. That was my 2013 motto.

This morning my husband said something about how I seemed calmer today. I didn’t think so I asked what he meant. He didn’t answer so then I asked if this was a good thing or a bad thing. He said, “good thing” and noted that he hadn’t said “ more than usual”. Smart man, backwards compliment.

So, to sum up, in an effort to control everything, we control nothing and feel worse for it. Calling for pizza delivery on Friday night is just as acceptable as making it or eating out or carrying it back home. What matters is the time you just got to spend with your 8-year-old watching Beetlejuice and grimacing when the language is a little racier than you remember. And Christmas trees are beautiful because they’re trees that smell good and twinkle inside our houses. So cool.

Is there something have you consciously let go of thinking you could control recently?


  1. Good for you. My desire for perfection has made me miss out on things and spend too much time on junk. After a trying day, we’re getting takeout and I’m just fine with that! Letting it go is both simple and difficult. But once you master it, life is beautiful 🙂

    • I like “Letting is both simple and difficult”. Because all the baggage we have assigned to our perfectionism. Everything will be great if… We will be uber-ladies if… But once you see the value of the moment with the rainbow (pinned yours) then it is in fact the most glorious purpose for living.
      Thank you Jennifer for digging my silly pizza analogies.

  2. Shalagh, oh, you know I like this. I think it’s called children, and especially child number 2. Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy watching movies together. That sounds about right. I’m sure your tree this year will be beautiful!

    • And Amy, it is going to have to be a half of a tree on a table because the little Miss is pulling up to a standing position!!!
      The 15 foot one at church is also mine so we’ll see what sort of design trouble I can get up to this year. You know me. And what they say about second children is true. Way more letting things go. I am but Mark keeps fretting that she shouldn’t play with the charge cord if it’s plugged in. Whatever.

  3. The tree picture is gorgeous. Digging on the custom watermark with Shalavee. Good for you. Fee playing with the charge cord? Chewing on it? Plugged in? Love the Mark-isms. You captured the flavor nicely. I tried a Japanese/Thai/Vietnamese restaurant last Friday and thought – oh goody – I found a great carry-out place. But my friend and I had gas upon gas issues. Rats. Not so desirable. Especially when lying on a massage table later that night getting a sample massage and wondering if I was going to fart.

    Talk about letting things go. Not ready for that level of devil-may-care.

    • Watermarks and Marks are temperamental. Need to set them just right. The Vietnamese fart food is just plain funny.

  4. Love it! and am learning to live it too. I think my latest largest control was trying to make Siôn’s birthday “perfect.” But then I realized that whatever I got done, bought, and made would be good enough and that I’d have way more fun without worrying over infinitesimally small details.

    • Yeah because “Fun” ends up being the biggest goodie bag give-away of all. Do your best, let go of the rest requires making it about everybody else but you. Tough stuff and yet I think it comes with time for those of us willing to budge from our comfy zones.
      Thank you Danielle.
      And PS, that tumble place party was perfecty perfect.

  5. Well, there you go – we’re of the same mind on that one. What doesn’t get done doesn’t get done, and I find it’s usually just fine in the end. After all. If you’re not having fun, why bother?!

    • Amusing how it takes 40 some years to come up with the let it go mentality. Youth and wisdom were not mine to have simultaneously. My husband likes to say, “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.” You seem to always be creating a different fun life experience Suzonne. I’m always inspired. Thank you for your visit.

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