I tried to be thrifty and fun this past weekend. Inspired by the snow falling and the lemons leftover from, dare I say, Christmas, I decided to revisit an old favorite: lemon bars. I had been reminded of them from a recipe post by Joy the Baker and it’s her classic lemon bars recipe I used.


Of course I’d softened the unsalted butter before I realized there was no granulated sugar in the house. So these happened on Sunday instead.


My son had never had them before this and declared he liked them. I honestly think he’d like almost anything with sugar in it. And my husband commented that he usually found lemon bars were too sweet and these were just right.


Since I am still allowing myself the indulgence of white flour and white sugar only on weekends, I gobbled down at least two. I didn’t count but I ate them in halves. And yes, they were quite yummy with just the right amount of sweetness. A truly no fuss process even if I didn’t have a proper counter top baking mixer and only my hand mixer which goes from 0 to 9 with a twitch of your thumb. Mixed is mixed. 

Note to self, little boy doesn’t really want to help make them. He just wants to eat them. I’m hoping for Fiona as my little kitchen helper.

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    1. Yup, he had the mixer in hand for about three minutes and then tilted it, got flour up his nose, and he was outta there. I’d offer you the last ones in the fridge but there’s no real chance of you getting them without mold. Thanks Amy.

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