July First - 3 Ask In - 72 Subscribers  from Shalavee.com

A little over a week ago, I made my first official ask for my 50 Asks project. I asked if people would be so kind and come on over to the blog and subscribe to my posts. My subscriber number had been hovering above 60 and I really wanted to begin to exercise my fear demons in the asking department. And YES, people showed up and rose me to above 70. 72 to be exact.

72 lucky people, some of which I fear are spam names, are gifted three times weekly, on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, with the delivery of my handcrafted picture peppered posts directly into their e-mailboxes. I still put a bit of effort into weaving these bad boys together so you the reader receives quality entertainment for FREE. If you can suggest my posts to anyone else who may enjoy them, we both profit. You look good and I get to write for more people.

Sadly, I didn’t reach my goal of 100 people by July 1st. But I did have the pleasure of asking for people’s devotion and they happily gave it to me. They didn’t tell me how they were now irked that I’d asked and would never speak to me again. In fact many people said they were glad to have me suggest this so they didn’t have to wait around on Facebook for my notifications.

July First - 3 Ask In - 72 Subscribers  from Shalavee.com

Further, I completed two more Asks. That’s right. My second was me asking the keeper of the blog at the Eastern Shore Writers Association if he’d like to publish something I had around gathering dust. Read I’m A Come Here.

And my third ? I submitted a piece to Huffington Post. Yessirree. I went there and did that. Stay tuned to hear about how I continue to make crazy requests of the world and you just may get to see me get what I ask for. And then wonder why it took me so long to ask.

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    1. Thanks Ronnie. Do you refer to the asking for subscribers or for being published? Because both feel pretty daring and yet necessary. And I get the feeling, the more I do it the easier it will become. Like public speaking, which I intend to practice too.Stay tuned.

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