Laying on my exercise matt in my YMCA class doing some sort of leg lift or weight lift, I watched the instructor, felt my body’ effort, and thought “it counts”. I repeated this thought over and over because it felt important. A gentle reminder that any effort made is worthy. In so many ways, it counts to make this effort.

No, one single solitary exercise class will not lose you the weight or whip you into your perfect weight. I could see how not accomplishing that miracle could be a real bummer. But falling in love with ourselves and our lives cannot be accomplished in one day either.

I was reminded by an online friend recently, that when you feel good about yourself and proud of your hard work, it spreads into other areas of your life. And it doesn’t even have to be the results that inspire you, just knowing you’re commitment and you’re showing up.

Sharing your pride in yourself for your commitment and showing up can be contagious. You can pass it along to other people. Other people want to be there with you feeling that way too. Because it’s always fun to have company feeling good about yourself as opposed to sitting around alone feeling your life is purposeless.

My gift to myself this Christmas is to focus on and remember who I am. To engage in finding the love of being me. And to share this with everyone and anyone who wants to feel this too.

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