As I’ve written before, I love me some Instagram. What began as a just a “you look at my cool pictures and I look at your cool pictures” has become much more. It’s about storytelling for me. But it’s also about knowing other people’s stories. And it’s also about improving my ability to capture and spice up and frame an image for the storytelling.

I like the engagement more than I do the numbers. Whereas many people hashtag (make it searchable by others with a key word) the heck out of their pictures to garner more likes, I would rather have people come and like it enough to tell me they do. To engage me.

I truly like being involved in others’ challenges/projects and people’s interactions and interpretations of the picture prompts. And I was part of an ongoing pictorial collage project recently for Nothing’s Ordinary. When I saw their fabric prompt, I went back and  hashtagged my image of a fabric stack from a previously taken challenge photo and they chose it to use in this collage. I had maybe entered their challenge twice. So I was tickled to have it chosen. My picture is on the top right.

Here’s some other pictures that I have posted within the past month.

self portrait with rose from
thetide is rising inside the tv and vcr repair shop from
dairy farm from
what am I doing now, watching her sleep from
country road from

Discovering other people’s beautiful visions while poking at my fiddle phone just seems like a simple honest pleasure. When I only have a half hour of coffee time to do what I want in the AM.

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