For me, the cup remains half full no matter how many times I recognize I have enough. It is my default mode no doubt rooted in an ancestral history of famine and depression. If I expect the cup’s emptiness, anything more than empty will look great.

I live a perpetual struggle to love myself even as I surround myself by community and family who shower me with their love and admiration. This is makes life hard but I continue to focus on amending this knowing all paths of love begin with self-love.

These plus more comprise the unsatisfied state I live in with an ongoing search for peace and answers. But I also don’t feel ashamed of it. I own it as I live it. I may dress myself up and enhance my face with makeup but I doubt I’ll ever be dishonest about life being a struggle. Because it is.

My reality is only malleable when I own it as I live it. All the wobbles, insecurities, and struggles to find new choices, this is my script to play out. And I do so with the most sincerity and transparency I can muster.

Freedom is owning your present and starting from there. 


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