I have always been a loud person. I got my boisterousness, my exuberance, and my volume honestly. My mother’s laugh is loud enough so that you can find her at a State Fair. I am a truth teller, a devotee to honesty and the catharsis of storytelling.

When I was a teen, I met many people who really wanted me to hush up, quiet down, tone it down, etc.. My loudness, my truthfulness made them nervous. And so I began to resent being Shushed. But I believe my honesty makes people the most nervous.

hush hush voices carry on shalavee.com

In a world where you have to strive to fit in, where you supposed to tell other people’s truths, truthfulness isn’t valued. Even though talk television is brimming with true tales of self-defeat by addiction and the tragic sadness of self-hatred, it seems that it is still something that people aren’t allowed to talk about in the real world. Over coffee or a cocktail. Especially not on a public platform like a blog!

But here I am people. I don’t think I knew where this blog would lead me or what I would get up to by writing it. But I bloomed because of it. And my wobbly self-esteem and racy admissions have proven to be the very thing that people secretly wanted to hear someone else saying so they knew they weren’t the only ones.

I am loud and proud to be a wobbly uncertain human. And I appreciate and have compassion for everyone, even the ones that want to shush me, because you are just as human too.

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  1. I am glad you were unshushable. The world needs more loud, fun and energetic people.

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