A quick check in to say these few things. 

Fiona got the flu. I jinxed myself by saying we’d never had her throw up because she did that all over me and the couch cover this morning. Nurse says this flu bugs going around but it’s the fever that is the hardest to watch. She’s clingy and listless, sleep patterns are all messed up.

 Humpday on Shalavee.com

Good news is that I took advantage of her droopy state yesterday and finally got out my newsletter! Applause please.

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 Humpday on Shalavee.com

School was cancelled today due to icy roads. I found myself biting my lip trying to write and ended up with my brain tied in knots and a baby wanting to be my hat. However, Eamon made chocolate chip cookies from scratch all by himself. I only stood there, asked if he really needed a tablespoon of salt or did it say teaspoon, and helped with a little of the mixing when his arm got tired. But he did the rest. And I so hope that kind of pride leads to other household tasks that benefit my belly in the future.

 Humpday on Shalavee.com

Laundry’s about done, children are making Valentine’s Day cards upstairs and Mark will be home from his appointments soon for burger night. My life is really good and mundane. And I think I like Hump Day kinda unhumpy right like that.

Ps You know don’t you that two hours later I discovered we were completely out of gas for our stove when the burners went dead on the stovetop.. I ended up cooking our burger night burgers on the grill out in the cold. Thankfully our oven is electric so fries were cooked and the stove top stayed clean. Yay. But by 7:30, Fiona had cried at me so much, my post traumatic stress disorder was rising again. The eye twitch is all gone and I do not hope for its return. Laundry still done. No more throwing up and fever seems abated. Wait, is that my stomach feeling upset? Do I feel hot to you?

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    1. I sure hope that too Jennifer. And it was a thick sweater with the wind blowing up from the river. It was quick. Such is life. And Fiona’s fine and a definite Elmo junkie. Thanks!!!

  1. Your day-in-the-life-of recaps are wonderful reads, even though the news is not always ‘wonderful’. Your p.s. brought reality right back into the unhumpy picture. I hope you don’t get sick too! From a non-mom out here I say: you mothers are amazing souls!

    p.s. Loved your newsletter!

    1. Thanks Dawn! I used to do all sorts of off he cuff stay up out the air posts like this. Yesterday I really wanted to put out something I needed more time to think through. And I thought, you know today is today. Be here and show what that looks like. I figure it’ll bore you but my reality is just that. And then the gas thing happens. Life isn’t about what you expect, it’s how you deal with what happens. Thank you for your enthusiasm and I’m not sick…yet.

    1. So far so good Adam, burped charcoal cooking all night from my inhaled burger but it happened.I have not gotten sick but not for her lack of trying. Fi rolled up with a taped up recorder at our burger night dinner and offered us a blow. We were like “Flu flute!” But so far so good. And she may be physically feeling better but she’s back to her girl toddler psycho no nap ways. Sigh.
      Thanks for any good vibes you have.

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