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Apparently, I have a big butt-ache about perfection. I often won’t even attempt stuff unless it’ll be worth the effort ie. perfect. Currently, my blog’s newsletter, so long in the making, seems to have reached colossal importance and isn’t possibly impressive enough to send out as I haven’t reached any answers to world peace. Perfectionists unite.

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But recently, I noticed I’ve found a way around myself. I’ve begun to not make lists and just do the stuff anyway. Say what? And with this method, I tackled a huge old To Do today. I mean a whomping hangover To Do from 6 months ago that I’d given up on myself for. And found such solace and clarity in doing so.I cleaned up my craft room. Because I know I can not create well with even the underlayer of chaos unattended to from long ago. Something about combing through and reacquainting myself with my former chaos that helps to move me forward amd gain clarity. And moving forward looks like me talking Etsy shop. Creating stuff and taking pictures that feel impressive to me doesn’t happen in a space that has layers of abandoned unattended unorganized stuff at my feet. Bad mogambo you know.

All that effort was a choice. I had a blog post to write. I could have gotten a head start on Sunday dinner. But I stayed the course. I sorted through and thought about and re-boxed everything that was there. And I did it all in silence. Half because the baby was sleeping across the hall, and half because the time seems to slip by more slowly when there’s silence.

Homemade chandelires fom

I feel super. The random work assignment payed off. The job was pretty well done. The Fiona chandelier was finished. And for the unplanned scrubbing circles I made today, I feel like I actually cleaned a substantial part of the floor. Yay Me.

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  1. Love the chandelier. Sometimes I think too much and get nothing done. My mantra this year is less thinking more doing. Good for you in getting stuff done!

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