I often say, “The reason that teachers know their subject so well is because they’ve taken classes in the same subject and reviewed the material over and over until it’s drilled into their heads. By the end of their educational careers, soon to be teachers will have had four or five years of concentrated studying of their specific subject. Can we learn to be self-aware in the same way?

I began to think about what this meant when applied to the work of self-actualization and self-development. I have been studying concepts on raising self-esteem and being mindful and creating self-trust for a long long time. I think you have to be exposed to something for a long long time, over and over, especially something that is so personal to your perceived survival, until it starts to make the truest sense to you.

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This can take the form of classes or books, but I realized that it has been real people that have influenced my awareness shift mostly. People who I may have never met but whose words clonk me over the head with their truth. Many of these amazing people I’ve found on Instagram. Like Anna Lovind. Or at the library. And my therapist who is a third party neutral, giving it to me straight without a stake in my game so I know it to be true. And as you begin to steer your thoughts toward the place that you know is better for you, safer and less anxious, you surprise yourself with the ideas and better conclusions you come up with.

The self-awareness that you’re having these happy positive thoughts about yourself is what raises your conscious level and your esteem by understanding and acknowledging your choice to change. And change feeds back to your thoughts about yourself in a happy feedback loop. Change first only asks that you be aware it’s possible.

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