You know how you decide you’re going to do something and then you keep postponing it. And putting it off. And scheduling it to then reschedule it. Well that was definitely happening with my house decorating tour video shoot. You may or not remember my making this promise in My Decorating Style post.

I, like many, have tons of ideas about how I want to make things better. I focus on what hasn’t happened instead of the overall picture. I know from perfection and this house ain’t it. I’m a tree studier instead of a forest seer. And I was hung up on thinking of all the things I should do before I did this.

But then I went ahead and did this anyway.

It’s here, my walking talking tour of the first floor of my house. I hope that you enjoy my effort, my thoughts, and my voice and that this effort helps me to move on with some decorating projects and letting go of some hangups I have about perfectionism.


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  1. I think you have a fun, happy home and your eclectic style is personally, my favorite way of decorating. And you’re right, nothing’s ever perfect and you never really “finish,” but if you did, you’d just get bored anyway. (But now, you must tell me about that screen with the lighting in the front hallway! Did you make it?)

    1. You are a wise woman Suzonne. You know about the no challenge boredom. The screen was made from a three piece frame for a standing screen which I pulled the fabric out of, stapled muslin to, and then screwed screws into the top and bottom to weave a strand of Christmas lights (aka bee lights) onto. Best way to get the most out of your bee lights is to leaves them plugged in. Eventually parts of the strand go out and then I need to uninstall and reinstall. But it makes me happy. And I use up previous years Xmas lights so I don’t have to worry about them going out on the tree on me. I get to buy new ones.
      The other three paneled screen was padded and fabriced and is my headboard. Of course, I’m sick of it. Floral.
      Thank you for stopping by dear friend. Hope you are heading into the Fall with a full heart.

  2. I really like your home too – there’s positive energy flowing through all your colours and vignettes, and your screen! It’s difficult to know where to begin on redecorating projects too – I imagine a home has so many possible jumping off points. How to focus? And with young children there are needs and variables changing yearly as they grow.

    I love your speaking style and voice! I hope you make more videos – this was engaging and fun.

    1. I am so glad to hear that you liked the video. I feel encouraged and surprisingly calm about the video making now. If I want people to know me, that is how to do it and I’m good with that. So now to figure how to make that a regular thing. Meanwhile, yes, the children and their messiness and practicalities do dictate the style choices. I think it’s a real challenge to make stuff pretty and practical. The sign of a true designer.
      Thanks Dawn,

  3. Shalagh,

    There is no doubt that the home is a reflection of the owner. I found yours to be full of warmth, character, and coziness. I love your use of color, but especially your ability to authentically, vulnerably be you. In a world of uber-perfectionistic stylized blogging shalavee feels as easy as an afternoon cup of tea with a friend. Thanks for (once again) inspiring me to go for it.

    1. Oooh, I love having you over. You make me feel good and better for just being me. Thank you so much Heather.
      Blogging confuses me so I just have to do it my own way.
      Because it’s the only way I know. And apparently it doesn’t suck.
      Love to you and yours,

  4. Your home is lovely! Everything actually works really well together, the mixture of some old stuff, some newer stuff, the colours, it all goes together and has the same feel running through – as you went from one room to another, it was kind of seamless, each area is a continuation of the previous area. Harmonious.

    1. Thank you for your compliments. Well now that your done with the schooling, you can come over for tea too. I’ll put a tea time chat up on U-tube and you can join me whenever you want. I’ll probably say the same thing every time. But you can pause me and then I’ll be a great listener while you talk.
      Thank you and much love to you Vanessa-Jane,

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