Suffice it to say, I am, for very good reason, still petrified of computers. The process of creating a connection between what I love to do ( write) and where to do it( here) has taken a score of years. And yesterday I nearly had a panic attack trying to hook up my host with Word Press, my blog place. Thank goodness for IT guys like Chris who patiently figured it out with me while acting like it was no “biggie” and he even laughed at my jokes. As my dear departed Grandma Ruth would say, “Bless his heart”.

I think myself an intelligent woman until this computer thing is in front of me. And in few short moments, I am a complete idiot. I went on three roller coasters three days ago. For real, this is more scary. That is why I would hire anyone to do all of this technical stuff for me. Alas, for many reasons, there is no one here. So I will make do and prove that it doesn’t have to be perfect to exist…yet.

My trick will be to keep my eyes on the prize, do the best I can with the talents and time I’ve got,  decide when the point of diminishing returns has been met, and let go of my perfectionism as much as possible. Some say I’m fearless. I am not without fear. I see what I’m afraid of and I do something about it anyway. I’ll agree to calling it bravery. Sometimes bravery just takes twenty years. And some technological updates called Chris the IT guy.

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