I am admittedly a true Virgo. I like things in their places, neat and clean. And I think that’s an arguably good goal. Learning how to live through the messy times in between knowing that this neither defines me nor means it will always be this way. That’s the Wisdom Lesson here.

I get a little twitchy when the chaos in the house happens, as it inevitably does with the explosion of the boy returning home from college and subsequent extra Mama load strain. Plus, we live in a really large old house so there is a layer of strange gray spun material that collects over time and is invisible. Mess is inevitable yet it doesn’t have to translate into a character deficit for me.

Falling Behind

My recent return from Boston left me feeling 5 days behind on my professional and creative commitments, plus way behind in household chores. This gray cotton candy like matter was so thick, I had to empty out my stick vacuum maybe 4 times and I got a vacuuming blister on my thumb.

Meanwhile, the plants I bought myself for Mother’s Day have yet to be planted into their final happy potted Summertime homes. And my kitchen fan filth reveals itself when the blades stop. And. And. And.

You Only Have So Much Energy in a Day

There is only so much energy I have to spend in a day so I’m going to be choosy about how my heart wants me to spend it. Some things are metaphorically going to have to fall to the floor and stay there. The havoc, well, it will always havoc at some point. So, I give myself credit for what I can accomplish, sell myself on taking a break, and try not to look around too much in case I see something else I need to add to my list of To Dos.

Havoc resiliency and permission for imperfection are necessary life skills. The trick is to forgive myself and celebrate and grab the opportunities to do the fun things when they come along. Our lives are precious processes and as much as I love me a clean house, I also know that this has nothing to do with the value of my soul. I hope you too can give yourself the space to learn that tasks done or done do not equate your worth.

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