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My name is Shalagh (pronounced Shay-la) and since 2011, this blog has been my home for learning my wisdom lessons and living my life creatively. This was not always my truth.

Once, my unpermitted and unexpressed creativity felt like I suffered an everyday soul death. My childhood traumas and low self-esteem had me convinced I couldn’t be my creative self. And my self-criticism continued to keep me a silent prisoner of my self-doubt and anxiety.

I began writing this blog 13 years ago to hone my writing skills and be accountable to myself on a weekly basis. As I worked through my anxieties and found the courage to showcase my artwork, I rediscovered my creative self. I reluctantly entered the world of social media and there I unexpectedly found the community support I had needed more than I knew. I still do.

When being a mother sometimes felt lonely, being witnessed by my community on Instagram felt holy at times and gave me so much creative courage. I came to host many of my own challenges there including my #Soul_Selfie and  #OurCreativeSelves week-long community challenges. These always feel amazing as they boost people’s creativity and wisdom awareness.

In reading others’ stories, we’re given hope and relief. I wholeheartedly believe in the potential of every person to make their own plan and change their lives for the better by creative self-discovery. My wish is to spread hope by lending my support, compassion, and permission to those in need. These were the resources I couldn’t find but needed most in my darkest days.

Gradually, I understood that everyday life can be creatively satisfying. I call this Creative Soul Living. As an immensely house-proud homebody, I pour a great deal of creative love into my daily duties as many women have done throughout history.

I had my first child (Eamon now 19) when I was 38 years old and my second (Fiona now 11) at 46 years old. Their father Mark is my second husband, and we live an hour out of Baltimore in a very quiet town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I have 3 cats and a purple couch where I hope you feel virtually comfortable enough to visit with me. You are always welcome.

Thank you for your presence.



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