Much to my surprise, maybe 6 months ago, I surrendered to the concept of a computer/device calendar. Yes, Google calendar. It has a 31 as it’s icon. And Mark and I attempted to “share” our calendars so we could stop asking each other about commit-table dates.

A couple of months ago, before October of ’13  and a post-a-day, I had received yet another reminder/notification from my Ever Diligent Google calendar which informed me, I had absolutely no events scheduled for today. Just like my yesterday and my day before that.

Google was ever so subtly telling me I had no life. Didn’t I already know this oh Great Google in the Sky.

But today, I received the same “I have no scheduled events” email and I felt relieved. Because on top of being awoken at 4:45am this morning to care for my 9 month-old, the battery dying in our car at the grocery store yesterday, and planning to plan to decorate several Christmas trees, wreaths, house mantels, etc,… I will happily take a day of nothingness.  It’s all in the way that you look at it. Thank you  Oh Great and Powerful Google One for showing me the truth.

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  1. Oooh…I absolutely love those days with nothing on the calendar…however, it doesn’t happen often enough. I have no idea why they call this retirement! Hugs to you all.

  2. I’ve tried these electronic calendars and they seem worthless to me, Shalagh. I’ve given up on them. Here’s to nothingness. Yeah, right? Enjoy those iddy bitty moments of nothingness, in your case. Happy decorating!

    1. Itty Bitty moments, hahahaha. What I didn’t tell you Amy is that we had plenty of technical errors with the daggone Google calender. I still have a physical calender over the desk, the one with Eamon’s artwork on it, and a physical carry around one. I am so not all the way digital. Anything is as good as the habit’s of the user. Thank you and I love you for giving up. You have more important things to do. Like writing.

  3. I have to disagree with Bumble lol I love how you can have different calendars all either overlaid on each other or by themselves.

    I have my regular one with household appointments, personal appointments and any activity the whole family or joshua specifically would enjoy.

    Then I have one just for the baby’s activities, story times, etc.

    One to keep track of birthdays.

    One to keep track of what bills come when.

    One for my work hours because I have to do a time sheet.

    One for Writers’ Association deadlines, events, etc., one for deadlines for my freelance stuff, one to remind me to do certain housecleaning tasks sot hey don’t get overlooked, one for library due dates, otherwise they’d get lost in the master calendar, one for spiritual practices that go by certain time lines sometimes… one to clock my menstrual cycles just cuz i’m curious now that I’m all not that regular, one to clock my tarot card of the day so I can track trends lol, *deep breath* and then I like the tasks side bar too!

    I can make anything from any given calendar get duplicated on my master one if I want, so I’m sure to not overlook it, I love that too.I just couldn’t fit all this on a paper calendar.


    the kids’ activities are just on there as options though, not commitments. Otherwise I wouldn’t remember what was happening when. So they are just on there to remind me.

    Sometimes I just rebel and start deleting things heh heh … “Oh look, a blank day, how’d that happen???”

    1. Michelle, I am impressed that you got comfortable enough with that calender to do all of that.You really have to spend time to familiarize yourself with it.
      One drawback. I’d have it send me reminders on my laptop but it only wants to send stuff to gmail. That isn’t my primary email. Luckily I see notices on my phone otherwise I’m miss gmails completely. Glad the great Google has allowed you to be an overachiever.

      1. and – not an over achiever. Just a Keeping Upper *snort*

        the birthday calendar threw me for a loop … it took me a while to figure out how to get a birthday to repeat every year. And it was simple, it was me who was an idiot.

        there’s got to be a way to get customized reminders … wouldn’t it be nice if it would send them to your cell phone? THAT would be the bomb. Mark can’t figure something out?

        1. Yes we often over think stuff and make it way too complicated,
          No, Google will never make any other e-mail a primary besides g-mail.
          And Mark is now officially more of a computer know nothing than I am. Ha.
          Keeper Upper, good one.

    1. Well of course they are. I just have stopped reading altogether. Having the books staring at me just makes me feel like a lamebutt. And I want to feel like a super Mom instead.

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