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I had hoped that some day I would be known for my event decorating skills. I love how just the right decorations can make you feel like you are somewhere special. Ms. Debbie asked me to decorate the sanctuary for the Summer solstice service and of course I said yes.

sun floor cloth


Setting Up the sanctuary on

After doing a search on Pinterest, I was inspired by a sunburst mandala by Jendalyn and multiple floor cloth tutorials which made me think this would be great idea. Yes, a great idea if you paint. Which I am sure I could do. Until now.

Summer chandeliers on

Turns out Ms. Debbie wanted a service in the round so the attention would be in the middle. The floor cloth concept was a go. But the design needed something else to balance it out visually overhead. This is a vaulting space and knowing that my earlier project of decoratively festooned wreaths hanging from the chandeliers worked out really well, they needed to have an encore appearance and be redesigned. They were super cool.I kept thinking I would come up with all new everything this time. I envisioned new streamers and who knows what inspiration. But the floor cloth took up so much time and worry and thought and in the end, it really was quite simple to make. I just let the design process take over and the floor cloth filled with color and pattern and then I was done. Especially when Mark suggested I might be. Because I may have kept painting it.

Stop the madness, I said.

Finished Floor cloth on


Setting up the sanctuary on

And so after all the angsting I did, I think it turned out pretty darn well. I fought with the rough surface of the pre-made drop cloth but it was 6 x 9 which I squared off and I knew it needed lines. I bought large oil paint Sharpies and acrylic paints andended up using some house paint for the blue background. Bob’s your Uncle and there you have it.

Happy Summer Solstice and Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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    1. Yes Jennifer the garlands were the one item I wanted to recreate and wanted to take them out to the walls in the room. But I ran out of time and time. Thank you for noticing those. The space is very neutral so it’s a nice canvas. And thank you, truly.

  1. Squeal!! It’s beautiful, Shalagh, and PERFECT for Summer solstice. Exciting to see the reveal and realize it was made for the sanctuary, along with your gorgeous chandelier art and festive summer spirits. The colours are all so alive. Well done! Happy Summer Solstice and Father’s Day weekend to you!

    1. Oh Dawn,
      You do know how to make a girl feel talented. I do love when a good design plays out. And all the fretting is sorta silly. Because it kinda kicks butt.
      Thank you thank you thank you !

  2. And here’s a perfect example of it all coming together in the end!! Wow, this is so beautiful and you are such a creative person. I love your creative energy and spirit. Really nice work, Shalagh. You should be so proud. I loved how it turned out. Everyone must have been so pleased. They are lucky to have you!

    1. Takes one super creative person to know one. I love your spirit too and thank you Amy for being there and I am lucky to have you too. And we’ll see how everyone feels tomorrow. But I do believe you are right and they’ll love it.
      Love Ya’,

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