As I explained thoroughly in this post, A Creativity Challenge For March 2020, I’ve hosted month long creative challenges before but it’s been a while. And this time, I was asked to provide some prompts for the writers and poets to use. But mostly, I just encouraged people to join in with whatever they were creating that day.


And this is what I posted today to reinforce my intentions for this challenge:

I urge you, remind you to honor yourself as one of those things of beauty each day of this month of March. Recognize your gifts to yourself through your creativity. Honor them, as small a la they may be. These are so necessary and these steps what #OurCreativeMarch is all about. This is what creative community is here for. This is what we’re here for.

Ps. The prompts were just if you needed inspo. They are not a reason to not create. Nor is the fact that you can’t come daily, come weekly to honor your creativity. Our muse welcomes yours.”

I take a walk and I’m open

To the cold breeze burning my face

To the love songs of birds in the trees

To whatever the muse might be offering me

to see, to be, to make, to believe today.

Tantalizing tidbits, clues to the muse

Lie everywhere within, without

I’m open to the grab and go
Of my creativity here, then,

Whenever is all I have. . .


Day 3 #OurCreativeMarch — Stillness– .

In the place where there’s no distraction, no anxious ball bouncing around my head. The cool quiet stillness of thoughts flowing towards creative destinations. This thought for that place and that thought for the future. . Mindful meditative delicious unproductivity.

First Week of Our Creative March 2020 on


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Day 6 of the #OurCreativeMarch … . I spent all day creating a mermaid party motif in my house. Gosh I hate crepe paper streamers. I spent the other half of my day cooking crustless quiche, german potato salad, and chicken noodles soup for my son who has a sneezy cold today. Plus all of the laundry. My body is exhausted from all the creating but I am pleased she’ll have her birthday party at home. It’s not clean but it’s too distracting to notice. Tomarrow morning, I’ll make the homemade chocolate cake too. . #ourcreativeselves #creativityfound #innerartist #createeveryday #creativemamas #creativepractice #alifeofintention #theartofslowliving #bedeeplyrooted #bepresent #collectivelycreate #arthealsthesoul #creativechallenge #createdaily #taleswithfriends

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Day 10 of #OurCreativeMarch. “It’s a memory kind of sky” -REM- .

First two Week of Our Creative March 2020 on

Day 11 of #OurCreativeMarch … Silence .

On my walk to the gym, I took pictures that reflected silence to me. And after editing them, thought perhaps there was a movie app I could use. And there was. And I did. Created in a whole new way today. Hey! And then it wouldn’t upload! Facebook was fine but not IG. No. Booooo! I am sad but here are the pictures. Technology, grumble grumble.

There was a birthday party in the middle of all of this and that counted for a major amount of creating. I decorated lots, made a pin the tail on the mermaid, and some food including the cake.

Crediting ourselves for the efforts we make to create a life worth living, that’s what I am getting at with this challenge. And beyond March comes the 100 day challenge in April.

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