My Wee Fiona is about to turn 6 yrs old in a week. She’s over 55 pounds and 4 feet. She’s a solid beautiful little lass. 

We’re at that place where she’s demanding competency and independence. Reading like a pro. On the verge of her life. And life has many many lessons to teach both of us.

Fiona's almost 6 years old on

So I leave her in her bathtub for a few minutes the other night and I hear her call me.

” What do you need Fiona ?”

“Can you bring me my blond Barbie baby?”

“I don’t know where it is.”

“OK, just bring me the brown babies then.”

I walk into the bathroom. Ken’s got his pants on but Barbie is naked. Seems they kissed and now she is having a baby. 

“Whoa there Fiona, how about you let them get to know eachother, buy a house, and have a puppy first. See if they don’t kill it.” She conceded to the puppies.

With age comes the distribution of knowledge. Birth and death are at the top of the list for needing to know. Wish me luck.

Fiona's almost 6 years old on

And this year, a low key birthday celebration for Fiona. See these posts for the previous three years’ parties. The Moana party here, the Frozen party here, and the Minnie party here

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