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Today was Fiona’s fourth birthday party and it was a complete success, by her standards and mine. Yes, she got enough Frozen themed party paraphernalia and stuff to satisfy all Frozen itches for a decade. And I got to bask in the knowledge that me and my daughter matter to all these lovely people.

Fiona and Emma at the party on
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Frozen Birthday party cake by Steve Konapelski on

The reason I go to such efforts to decorate and to heap yummy food on my kitchen table is a tribute to the love that these people have for and show me and my family. My gratitude runs very deeply. I am almost speechless but then, not quite, right?

Fiona and Emma at the party on
Fiona and Emma at the party on
birthday flowers on

Aunts and Uncles, real and respected, grandmothers, cousins, neighbors, friends, and kin came to celebrate my miraculous daughter’s birth four years ago. And in a puff and a whoosh, it’s all done. Only a dirty kitchen, drooping streamers, and falling balloons to tell the tale. But we’ll remember this fondly for many years. Another year passed and another successful party.

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  1. I just revisited her past birthday parties. What a lucky girl! I love the flowers again, remembering that you chose the bells of Ireland for her first. The cake! It’s perfection in sparkly, icy blue colors.

    But more than anything, I see how much she’s grown in size and how much you’ve grown as a mother and person. The love you put into each piece of her life, including all the fantastic homemade decorations, has bloomed and soared. xo

    1. Thank You Jennifer for your praise and attention to my details. Yes Bells and Daisies. The flowers are a treat that I get shudderable pleasure from. And I have a pastry chef neighbor! Children are a reason to bloom and grow and create. Either that or a cause of going completely bonkers.

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