fallen leaves on Shalavee.com


The leaves have fallen off their pretty perches.

Maple tree on Shalavee.com

Sometimes one by one and sometimes all at once.

closer look at the maple tree on Shalavee.com

But fall they will.

fallen leaves on Shalavee.com

I find it so natural to celebrate the change and honor the actions of each season.

Sycamore branch on shalavee.com

This one, Autumn, makes me want to wander and admire the tree rainbows and gather its plumage to bring inside with me.

painted leaves on Shalavee.com

I feel a primal urge to relate and recreate the season’s offerings.

painted leaves in a bowl on Shalavee.com

And thus the primitive painting of the leaves.

painted leaf mobile on Shalavee.com

And the creation of a mobile to flutter above the heat vent as a performance art piece.

painted leaf mobile on Shalavee.com

Until Fiona goes over and begins to yank them down.

painted leaf mobile on Shalavee.com

And brings them to me.

painted leaf mobile on Shalavee.com

She’s collecting the leaves too I suppose.


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