Endure and Enjoy like a cat on Shalavee.com

I’m walking into the gym, anticipating the discomfort of exercising and the whine of my joints as muscles. And then I think about how it is what it is until it isn’t anymore. Just be in the moment like a cat.

Cats have this now mentality. If they’re in pain they think, this really sucks. They just live life one need and one emotion at a time. And when they’re happy and tired, they’re happy and tired.

Endure and Enjoy like a cat on Shalavee.com

Endure and Enjoy like a cat on Shalavee.com

Cat naps are their superpower because they are necessary. Knowing that you absolutely need to indulge in self-care in this way at this time must really take a lot of the guess-work out of life. Because cats know they are always worth it.

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