I realize that I have been an all or nothing girl all my life. I want the pretty garden immediately. I want the pounds to come off overnight. I want world peace or else! And this thinking renders all of my efforts worthless. If I only get part of the project done, with this mindset, it wasn’t enough. And this is like trying to drive with the parking break on.

When I truly started to believe that drops in the bucket fill the bucket up, then I started to enjoy and appreciate my own efforts. Even 15 minutes of concerted effort to clean a closet or weed a garden can make you feel so productive that the next day you want to come back and keep feeling that high.

Drops in the Bucket Fill the Bucket Up on Shalavee.com

The trick is to allow anything to be better than nothing.

15 minutes to sort your mountain of mail may actually make a huge dent. The trick is to schedule and allow for not doing the whole task but just enough to make progress.

In that same thought frame, I am aiming to do less but in well planned spurts. We all know that if we left cleaning the bathroom until we felt like it, it would remain dirty. But if I cleaned the sink today, the toilet tomorrow, and the shower the next day, eventually, my bathroom would be clean.

Drops in the Bucket fill the Bucket Up.

Tomorrow is my daughter’s first day back to school. Besides an exercise class in the morning I promised I’d do, I also plan to knuckle down on some thought work I’ve been putting off. At the end of the week, I’m going to celebrate me and my hubby’s anniversary and myself!

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