It’s still me driving. And sometimes I’m at the wheel of the family van. Making choices for everyone. Children, husband, and myself, as well as various animals and extended family members. I can readily admit that just because I usually do it this way or that way doesn’t mean that’s the way I want to continue to do it. Something’s got to change. And I need to map out a new route.

Fiona in the truck from Same Driver, New Route on

I went off-roading when I had another baby so late in life here. A necessary detour that babies call for, like it or not. Now I’m attempting to make other changes to our diet, our spending, the way I look at abundance, and what and who I’m not actually responsible for.

Fiona in the truck from Same Driver, New Route on

Whereas I used to think my vehicle was a used jalopy guzzling gas and ready to be traded in, I’m ready to turn it into a tour bus. I want to luxuriously accommodate myself and my needs on the road. And maybe I don’t want to have to stop to pee. Maybe I want to drive straight through and get there. I’ll keep you posted on the route I’m choosing as I choose it.

Fiona in the truck from Same Driver, New Route on

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    • Thanks Jennifer but I’m a little reckless sometimes. Slowing down and being mindful would help. I’m just a busy brain who’s lucking out in many more ways than I’m aware of.

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