I’m always certain that every one else knows. They all know what they want from life and who they are. They know who God is and where they live inside their bodies. How to dress themselves properly. I’ve always felt homeless in mine.

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Last week I pulled out some articles of clothing from my drawers and closet and not only did I realize these items don’t fit me physically but they simply aren’t “me”. Who did I get them for then? The me I thought I could be, should be, might be, and the one I thought would be a better me than the me I am now?

What is a Wardrobe? There’s clothing hanging in the closet but I don’t think that counts as a definition of a wardrobe. A wardrobe seems a very intentional undertaking and takes a personal understanding of who the person wearing the clothing is to create.

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So as I continue to become more comfortable in the skin I’m destined to wear until the end, I am more and more conscious of what it takes to have a style. To know you is to dress like you and talk like you and be comfortable in you. It’s stripping out and off the items and do-be-do’s that aren’t yours after all. And seeing what you’ve got left.

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  1. I have always dressed for me… Some might say I dress too young for my age but I have never let it affect my decisions. I have always and will always wear what I like & what makes me feel good. I go by a certain code of ethics when I dress, I never wear sweats in public (yoga pants yes) and have always dressed for success. I have never been a slave to fashion yet I find myself drawn to the latest trends. I lean towards Boho yet not solely. Shalagh you just need to wear what make you feel good, intern you will carry yourself with confidence and your own sense of style. I also have never asked anyone “how does this look?” the truth be known I trust my own judgement. I like you… just be you!

    1. You are a fashion plate Bernice. That is your medium. I’ve always been inspired by your style. I couldn’t tell you the last time I looked at current fashions. I think the having kids diverts all sorts of attention away from the very things that made your desirable enough to get knocked up in the first place. But I know, with the inevitable loss of weight, I will be looking to build a happy wardrobe for myself. This Summer we’ll get together you and me, OK?

  2. Ah ha! Yet another difference between men and women rears its fashionista head! You see, us menfolk are just glad that, beyond a certain age, we can still dress ourselves.

    1. I am pretty pragmatic Bill. I don’t often gush over girly stuff. But I feel that dressing myself with pride and flare would be the next level of esteem for me. And since I’m doing weight watchers right now, I’m looking forward to see what a leaner me looks like and maybe treat myself to some new clothing come time.

  3. And that, my friend, is why I wear overalls most of the time! I can “dress up” when need be with some style & panache & appropriate to the occasion stuff (I am my Mother’s daughter in that regard)but need be is less and less often. You will find that pride & flare. And you will be comfortable not only in your own skin but in what covers it too!!

    1. Did you see Fiona in the bibbys (what my Missouri family called them) Shannon? Being “comfortable” because you don’t know how to dress yourself in a fashion that flatters is different than knowing but choosing to slum. I believe there’s a flattering style for everyone and when you find it, you feel good in it. It’s a harmonious chord. I will find it. Especially if it’s for a size 10 !!! Woohoo here I come.
      Love to you,

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