According to the bank clock, it was 62 degrees today. It was a beautiful day I only had to look in my front garden bed to tell you the flowers think its spring. Some bulb, probably a daffodil, has decided that now is the time to make its yearly entrance into the world. And who are we to stop it.

At first, when we saw the bulb and its companions bursting out of the earth in this untimely fashion, we wanted to fret. No, no it’s not spring yet. Get back down in the ground. You have another couple weeks to go. The groundhog hasn’t told us when you are coming. Doesn’t a rodent know better than a plant?

But this morning I said… you know, this could mean that we just get a whole other bloom out of the year. Just think, maybe we get two springs. Who wouldn’t want that? Like having two childhoods to enjoy. Although there’s something irreverent about those irises peering out above a blanket of snow, maybe the bulb will bloom then hibernate and then bloom again.  I’ll keep my eye on it and letcha know.

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  1. Hi there – have you figured out that the photo here is of a daffodil? Love the gist of the post. Anything with the garden in it has got my attention. You know this already! A

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