Second Day of the Creativity Bootcamp challenge. This morning I was granted a blessed 30 minutes of journal writing time to myself before my little redheaded early bird began with her morning “Mommy” chant. Tried to stay up the night before and write but too sleepy.

Fiona at the grocery store on

I chose to take myself to the gym first thing today. Battled steady rain juggling an umbrella and 35 pounds of girl in and out of truck multiple times. Drugstore, the gym, and the grocery store for milk. And by the time I got home, showered, folded laundry, and ate lunch, it was one o’clock.

I knew and dreaded as I headed in to the craft room with Fiona, it was again going to be That thing (see first day’s post here). And yes, she quickly commanded my attention, climbed and teetered on my stool, grabbed things, and then called Mommy twenty times while I was standing right next to her just because she knew it was irking me.

Day two creativity bootcamp challenge cards on

But I made stuff. Just standing there proving that I could do it. Despite. Perseverance even as I was irked. Proving that the disability, in my case a toddler, doesn’t have to define you as incapable. In fact it makes what you’ve created even more amazing.

I’m hoping for an actual break from small people on Saturday so we’ll see. To truly get a groove on in my creativity. I don’t want to sound monotonous as this post for thirty-one days in a row challenge continues. Just gotta get a groove going and consider how to spice all this up.

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  1. The gym seems a bit superfluous after working out with that 35 lb. weight…Maybe just a few leg lifts with her riding.

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