Blue swing  on Blue Huesday on

Know me well and know, I’m A Green Girl. I don’t really do blue. Except my son’s eyes are blue so I guess I did do his sky eye colored blue. The only other exception is the aqua that became so popular and still pops in here and there. But otherwise, I don’t do blue. Except judging by these pictures, I do some blue by default.

Fiona at the beach from Blue Huesday on
Eamon on Cox Creek from from Blue Huesday on
Watching a puppet show in Chestertown from Blue Huesday on
David and David casette tape from Blue Huesday on
Sycamore bark on sheet from Blue Huesday on
living room couch in blue from Blue Huesday on
De Soto in Denton on Blue Huesday on
Under the thunderdome on Blue Huesday on
Si truck on Blue Huesday on
The church next door from Blue Huesday on
Fiber arts building in Denton, Md od Blue Huesday on
Campaign sign  from Blue Huesday on
paper chandeliers from Blue Huesday on
Shots day from Blue Huesday on
Halloween house from Blue Huesday on
odd sky from Blue Huesday on

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  1. You know I’m a blue girl! Beautiful pictures, especially of the one of Feona at the beach. Her hair pops with all of the blue surrounding her!

    1. Orange and blue are complementary colors so it was an amazing shot. And she looked like such an entitled princess sitting her little butt up there. Thanks Caitlin.

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