I was driving to my appointment this morning on a salt encrusted two lane highway, my cruise control set at 60 mph when I noticed that the speed limit was 55 mph. And I went to set it up five more notches and realized this: if there’s no one to compare ourselves to, we are fine going at our own pace. That hit me kind of funny.

Being Where You Are isn't a Race on Shalavee.com

I do in fact believe we are all exactly where we need to be at any given moment. The idea that we should be somewhere different is a construct of comparison. The people that sped past me today needed to be ahead of me. But if I’m on time for my appointment then I am exactly where I need to be even with people passing me.

I struggle with my limiting beliefs of my value and my competence. Certain that I’ll be unable to do something, I may not even try. Or I may find myself jealous of some peoples’ progress but not of others. Which all comes down to fear every time. But what if I knew I was right where I needed to be. And the only person I needed to impress or challenge was me? What if I kept my eyes on my prize, what would that look like? Maybe I have been too distracted to be clear about what my destination truly is?

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