And just like that, we’ve come to the end of Our Creative June! I hosted this challenge on Instagram where I encouraged people to join me in creating something daily in the month of June and post it with the #OurCreativeJune and #OurCreativeSelves hashtags, and they did! These artists and creatives stepped up onto the platform alongside me and we collectively creatively kicked butt.

When I chose to double my offerings to arting twice daily by taking on the ICAD (index card a day) challenge as well as my 100 Day Project ( #100daysofShalagh ), I figured what the heck. Why not invite other people to art along with me? I know what immense pride and joy it gives me and I love to pass the empowerment and excitement onto others. See the post from the first week here

I hosted a Our Creative September challenge back in September of 2016 which led to our creation of the #OurCreativeSelves hashtag . There are 200 posts on that page. And then I hosted a Our Creative May Challenge in May of 2017 with the #OurCreativeMay for which there were 321 posts. For the Our Creative June challenge, there are a total of 533 posts posted to the #OurCreativeJune hashtag on that page. WOW!

There are a few of the same participants as well as a few new joinees. And let me tell you, the diversity and talent is so interesting to witness. From photography to magazine and ephemera and mixed media collages, several types of painting, to sewing and needlepoint, these people showed up everyday for themselves and for each other. Community creative challenges are amazing and I encourage anyone and everyone to join one when it comes your way and see what happens. It kinda changed my life in ways I didn’t expect it to. Thank you again to my fellow creatives. I adore you all.

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  1. Lovely gallery! I’m so happy to have met you and being part of this creative community, thanks for gathering us!

    • You are one of my favorite and my first connections Elizabeth. Always and even more happy to have you with me this time!

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