I started my year with an intention to make a few shifts in my life. Here’s what’s happened in the past month. I’ve changed my mindset about my body, about writing, about Me time, and about productivity. I’m in a different place than I was even a month ago. I now live a slower less anxious life. A calmer more proactive lifestyle. It feels like an unannounced bath. Just good self-care and no one’s right to care but mine.

So where is my here and now?

My now has much more depth, even as I am still in the same house living the same mothering life. The shift is a mental one, not a physical one, yet.

I Take things less seriously which looks like not watching the news. Ever. I make lists to know my priorities, but I take a longer time to allow myself to do them.

I Let Go of Self-Definitions that No Longer Served Me by letting go of being the ‘everywhere all the time’ Mom whom I needed to be during the beginning of the pandemic. They’ll benefit more to govern their own lives and take the bus home from school. I’ll benefit with the creation of more boundaries around my time and space.

I Honor the Work and the Plans that Excite Me by asking for the support that I need to get the work done I see I need to do. Coaches and technical professional are helping me see and be clear on what I need and can do.

Make My Life a Creative Place where art and creativity are valued and practiced every day. My life is creatively lived and I surround myself with objects that represent my story of who I have been and am becoming.

I Live a Slower Life of Domestic contentment and increased mindfulness. I get to play inside my house with my stuff, cook good food, write and read and plan fun things to do with people I love. My success is mine to define.

I look for my gratitude and find it here. And I am moving Forward slowly as best as I can by putting one foot in front of another.

Let’s start here and move on together. Thoughtfully, carefully, and with determination.

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  1. Agree so much with all of this. Feeling the need to shift my parenting a bit (for my own sanity), avoid the news for mental health and discarding all that doesn’t align. I also love “intentional intouchness” is that what you call social media, because that is an excellent reframing – something I have long been seeking.

    1. If I don’t take time to regain my sanity, I won’t be a nice parent anymore. I’m also modeling this behavior for them to create boundaries later with their people. Yes, intentional intouchness is me knowing I need the community interaction on IG and that inside the creative doer circle. As well as snail mail cards and notes to people in the world. Thank you for your lovely words and your visit. I appreciate it so much Amber!

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