So many times I take pictures and then plum forget I took them.

This is what the beginning of June brought us.

So I thought I’d grab a few and make a collage.

Eamon rode the bike through town to the Farm Store for ice cream.

We had crabs at our in-laws house on Father’s Day.

We got us a kitten named Mr. Crackers.

And we generally acted silly.

Happier Summer Days To Come.




    • Google’s Picassa. It’s free and if you poke at it enough, you figure stuff out. The only other Google product I like is Youtube. I hate the calender and the G plussing stuff. I do like actually Googling things too. Thanks for showing up for everybody Amy.

  1. Aaaaahahaha!!! Picked boogers!!
    but seriously, do you have a book of crazy cat names because Mr. Crackers is the awesomest name ever, second only to Butthead and Bubbus. So glad you have a new kitty and are enjoying summery boogers! Xo

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