I asked the deli lady how her staycation was. She said it was nice but not long enough. I said we Americans don’t get enough time off. But that may be slightly untrue. We get weekends and quite a few holidays to have sufficient time off. But as a nation, I think we possibly don’t know how to be Off.

Your brain needs a vacation too on Shalavee.com

If my brain needs a reset from my work stress or my family stress, how is it a good idea to continue my busy at home with watching the news, screaming at football games, refereeing my bickering teenagers, or going to a crowded mall to shop? I think we’re squandering our chances to press the reset button while we’re saying we don’t have not enough.

What do you really need to unwind? First thing is probably permission. If you feel like you are the breadwinner or caretaker and everyone’s existence is relying on you, you may never have permission to have a seat and tune out. But if you don’t have that permission and you burn out or burn out your adrenal glands, who’s going to take care of everyone then?

Your brain needs a vacation too on Shalavee.com

Maybe the kids need an opportunity and time to accomplish stuff on their own without us around. So why don’t you and I make some dates to go out and do the stuff that makes our brains happy and take some time to meditate and just be. Whatever spells reset for you, plan for it on your calendar and make your own pockets of downtime in which you get to unwind, be you, and reset without the shoulds or the resentments. Chose the actions that don’t sap you but invigorate you. And if that means some reality TV, so be it.

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  1. I’ve come to the blessed time of day on Wednesday between my morning classes and my night class, when I take a long (six-hour) break at my friend’s quiet, comfortable home. I’ve made a salad — mixed greens with tomato and basil feta cheese, raisins, ranch dressing — and poured a glass of wine. I hear no sound but the occasional clang of a construction crew somewhere down the street. It is blissfully, lusciously quiet, and I am alone. My brain needs this. It’s sunny today, and I may go out on the deck and do yoga. Thank you for reminding me to dive as deeply into my relaxation as I do my work.

    1. Oh Tamara, that you get to have a mini staycation on Wednesdays at your friends house sounds divine. Something special about being somewhere you are not primarily responsible for. And your lunch and yoga options made me happy to read. I am so very glad you got that chance! Me too, me too!

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