Why is there a presumed challenge in the question, “who do you think you are”? As if anyone is ever entitled to question your opinion of yourself other than you. Perhaps only people who don’t know who they are ask this question in a way that suggests you are less.

But I am thinking more and more this month about who I believe myself to be. My definition in me which leads to who I believe myself to be. And it perpetually occurs to me that who I think I am is a lot less than who you think I am. And that it may be possible to increase my understanding of me and thus believe myself to be more.

who do you think you are vs. Who do you believe yourself to be on Shalavee.com

I want to know myself well enough and give myself credit that I am more…













…than I believe I am. I want to be a glass fuller. This is a wish my heart makes which only I can make come true.

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