When we talk about environmental consciousness, “Sustainability” has become our buzzword referring to “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”. Born in response to perceived public discontent over the long-term damage caused by a company’s focus on short-term profits, it has now entered my life’s vocabulary.

Personally, sustainability is how I make choices to live and not exhaust myself before I reach my goals. No goals? I think you just call that surviving. Or making do? I’ve been living a life without goals for a while and goals give me a place and a way to be proud of myself. So then the manner in which you choose to do this must be crafted and curated as to not sabotage yourself and do that burn out thing that seems so en vogue.

Creative Soul Living requires being both creative

and wise about our life choices

My sustainability starts with taking an inventory of my available time and how best to spread what I need to do over that time. This is tricky because we often get very gung ho about what we want to accomplish and unless we’re bipolar and spastic, we will overestimate our capabilities and our time and set ourselves up for feeling like failures pretty quickly.What Personal Sustainability Looks Like on Shalavee.com

As a mother, I have a lot less time than I think and a lot more. If I plan hard by meal-planning and delegation and just plain demanding my time away, I can eek out a few hours here or there for myself at home. I discovered that sustainability also has to do with pacing a diet. I can be Okay with a half a pound loss a week instead of a pound. And exercising. I am not going to all the classes I used to attend but rather showing up on the treadmill. And politely telling people I will be back soon.

Watching my boundaries to conserve my energy and time, as well as allowing for days that derail me due to illness or life happenstances, that is how I will allow the boat to stay afloat and going instead of abruptly tipping. Being realistic allows for patience, compassion, and understanding for ourselves. Sustainability will allow us to move however slowly but steadily toward the life we really want to be living. Creative Soul Living requires being both creative and wise about our life choices.

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