In my exercise class this morning, an older gentleman said that he has one remaining elderly Aunt who is 98 years old. Once she passes, he will be “the old people”. How odd to think of ourselves as the “Old People”..

A friend of my husband’s conveyed how hard it was to watch his once exuberant mother be an elderly woman taking naps and living life so slowly. He remembered how, as a child, he couldn’t keep up with her when she walked.

Mark answered where it’s easy to see others’ aging, we can’t see our own aging. He was once able to do the 6ft high jump. I used to run. Time passes like a slow leak in an air mattress. You wake up and you wonder why you are laying on a hard surface. All the air has leaked out while you slept.

The key to aging gracefully is to not expect the same things over and over. To be willing to accept the changes and still see the beauty. To keep tweaking our perception of what loving out life is. We are not here to be productive, we are here to enjoy our lives.

As my husband says, if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.

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