So, um, a while back, I mentioned creating a questionnaire for you dear reader to fill out about the blog. It remains important because I want to deliver, as best I can, what you my dear reader wants. I made that promise on this post on my Blog Goals. I even bolded the statement.

I’m glad you forgot but I have a memory like an elephant’s. (Yes, the video tour of the house is coming next)

And do you remember my techno-phobia? When I went to the Typeform site, the place where you create the questionnaires, I seized up.

And it’s been sitting in my “get her done” pile ever since.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge from

That is until I did it! It’s done. The Typeform questionnaire is done and let me tell you, it’s pretty spankin’ cool.

It’s pretty and makes me look like I know more than I do.

Coming tomorrow, you get to answer 9 questions and help me make sure I’m creating the blog that you want to read.

You’ll get a good laugh in the process too. Because of course it’s got pictures and humor. Until then, have a good night.

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