You know me. I fret therefore I am. And I am having a Dickens of a time trying to figure out exactly what’s next. I know I need to be happy doing whatever it is I put my efforts and my mind to. Not worth doing if it doesn’t make you even a little happy.

23 June Money Insta prompt

And then there was my pledge to myself to be all about the creativity this year. So I’m still inside the 365 days of making. Between my blog writing and my daily Instagram pictures, I feel like I make stuff pretty much daily. But then I had decided to open an Etsy shop. And my brain froze up again. Because as soon as I add the money factor in, production as opposed to fun. I begin to twitch. Making for the sake of making money seems to squeeze the joy out of the making. Turning the joyful act of creation into a painful task. Boo.

cards for sale soon on

But this week, it hit me, I need to turn the hourglass and the equation upside down. Need to remember my word of the year. I need to do what I love to do and be even more creative, and the money will follow. Because it has to. All the spill over can be for sale when I’m done with it. People begin to ask you to do stuff and then you do and then they insist on owning it and then you say you don’t want much for it and Shazam, there’s money involved. That’s how I perceive it going down.

Meanwhile, I have just completed another round of sending handmade cards to online connections. And this time, I have included some wrapping up of little gifts along with the cards as a way of creating more and gifting more gratitude. So much fun to receive these sorts of packages. And the recipient is always so grateful. Because it makes my ever loving day when I get stuff in the mail. For real.

Wheat pennies on

Create and give selflessly. Do so in abundance and with friendship and kindness in your heart and I truly believe the exchange is larger than the elements and the people involved.

So instead of continuing to rack my brain for my purpose and my whys, I want to immerse myself in the creativity that makes me feel good. I want to use the blog to live my better life and show you all the creative loveliness I’m taking part in. And I only want to do the projects that make me excited to do them. And there’s the antidote. Get so busy doing that which I love that the jobiness, career path, and the monetary meaning is secondary. We artists are odd birds who sometimes need to reframe stuff to be happy. Go figure.

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  1. Shalagh,

    Are your cards for sale???
    I love the aquas, bright pinks, and blues.
    Very cheery and tropical.

    1. Oh Ann, yes they will be. That’s what I’ve been intending to sell on my Etsy shop. And if you like what you see, I’ll save you the shipping by delivering them personally. Thank you for your enthusiasm and I’ll let you know when they’re up.

  2. As you’ve noticed, I’ve taken a bit of a break from my blog. Sometimes “real” work gets in the way. But I’ve always felt that my daily practice of writing and creating kept me going in another way, a better way. I’m working on finding the balance because I miss that feeling!

    Keep up your fine work. After a certain period of time you will realize how wonderful it has all been 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer! I think we misplace, lose, or change our whys. Our whys are the most important factor. And once you can stand hard on your Why, everything else makes sense. I am trying to remember who I am, what I’ve done, and how much I have grown from it all. You are right!
      Love to you,

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